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Site initiated by Nyo. L2Calc is a result of player contributions and in-game tests on the official North American/European Lineage 2 servers.

Credit and Thank-You's

Here is a list of the people who have contributed to either the L2P or L2Calc projects since their inceptions. If you believe your name belongs here and isn't, contact me.

  • AACRJimbo
  • Aeze
  • Anakozel
  • AnGrYKiD
  • APTX4869
  • Ask_A_Question
  • Auro
  • billy - for offering to host L2Calc on l2guru, and keeping it up all this time
  • Blitzball
  • Borda
  • botserver
  • Chair - helped out quite a lot with Dwarf skills
  • Claira
  • Communism
  • Coriantumr
  • Craylon
  • - some of the buff/passive info comes from here.
  • CrShNbRn
  • DAISEN - various corrections and a couple of additons to l2calc
  • Dalavita
  • Dargaard - provided both useful information and a simplification of the HP formulas for all classes
  • davviddd
  • Degia
  • deg
  • Degia
  • DemonStar
  • DininX
  • Dracan
  • Emina
  • eric
  • EternalElement
  • fel
  • Ferine
  • flcon16
  • flus
  • ForsakenFlame - various corrections and a couple of additons to l2calc
  • FPCalc, a Japanese Lineage 2 Calculator, for introducing the Japanese community to L2Calc.
  • Fumiko
  • Goldshlager
  • gr4vity
  • himred - provided quite a lot of buff statistical data. A lot of the Chronicle 5 skills were extrapolated as a result of this man's talent.
  • hostility - this guy has supplied quite a considerable amount of "endgame" info - hard to get and probably wouldn't be known without hostility's support
  • Hrolf
  • iono
  • IronSmith
  • iuztrewq - lots of support over time, especially with finding my mitsakes
  • Ireral
  • Jestine
  • kathooloo
  • Kane1
  • Keian
  • Kieran
  • Kilgore
  • Kirill
  • koev
  • krowv
  • kvza
  • Lance - support in a couple of ways. Lance is one of the first and most beneficial members of the English-speaking Lineage 2 community.
  • Luca
  • loopback - javascript help; is the reason why L2Calc doesn't lag much in Internet Explorer
  • Lvrene
  • maian
  • -mal-
  • Martzch
  • michelgaetano
  • MooMooCow
  • Mugi
  • Nanny
  • NinjaLoot
  • Nya
  • Orlox
  • Pakas
  • playa
  • Populus
  • purehobby
  • Rairden
  • Serinda Arnimane - for providing a great deal of help over time, especially early on. Wouldn't be where we are without you.
  • Shawnta*
  • SilverSurfer1
  • small
  • soultaker
  • Stubbie
  • Sunspark
  • SyntesizeR
  • Tsakiris
  • ttekert
  • TwistedElvis
  • Valador
  • Veirilli
  • Vina
  • Vlahd
  • warefare
  • whaiyun
  • Xadhoom
  • xmode

Revision History


  • Buffs Quickselect - "clear all buffs" readjusted.


  • Buffs Quickselect in Servitor Calculator fixed.
  • Selecting an augmentation no longer removes the Weapon SA.


  • Lance (Anger) fixed.


  • Basalt Hammer (HP Drain) implemented.
  • Fixed Victories of Pa'agrio not adding P.Atk.


  • Debuffs for Enemy Target implemented


  • Added Soulshot-related calculations


  • Added the following skills to their respective locations:
    • Arcane Lore
    • Clan Agility.
    • Clan Empowerment
    • Clan Lifeblood
    • Dead Eye 8
    • Feline King
    • Invocation (P.Def. change only)
    • Magnus the Unicorn
    • Necromancy
    • Pa'agrio's Fist
    • Spectral Lord
    • Summon Lore
    • Victories of Pa'agrio
  • Prophecy of Wind readjusted.
  • It is now possible to modify the Enemy Target's level.
  • Quick Recovery SA and Dual Swords with Haste functionalities restored.
  • Infinity Stinger fixed.
  • Buffs Quickselect - Clan hall changed to select Bless Shield 6.


  • Cookie system added.
  • Servitor Calculator now has combat calculations.
  • Resurrection calculations added to the Combat Calculations field.
  • Most level 78 skillset passives added.
  • Magnus' Chant added.
  • Implemented Interlude weapons.
  • Deflect Arrow, Dance of Fire, and Death Whisper readjusted for Interlude.
  • Clan Hall and Olympiad (class specific) buffs in Buffs Quickselect added.
  • Readjusted Back Blow SA.
  • Removed Acrobatic Move from Tyrant passives.
  • Quick Recovery SA is non-functional for now.
  • Heroic Dread readjusted slightly.
  • Enemy shield block rate fixed.
  • Boss Jewelry fixed on Enemy Target - Clone.


  • Implemented chance to hit.
  • Implemented some Enemy targets.
  • Implemented Vampiric Rage.
  • Implemented Reflect Damage.
  • Implemented HP/MP Regeneration SAs.
  • Implemented Deflect Arrow and Acrobatic Move.
  • You can now toggle tattoos on or off.
  • Destroyer now has access to Vicious Stance.
  • Changed Focus Chance, Death and Power to buffs.
  • Fixed Bladedancer incorrectly getting some skills.
  • Fixed Might buff on Elf/Dark Elf Fighters.
  • Fixed Tsurugi*Tsurugi
  • Fixed Vital Force for pre-40 classes.
  • Fixed Seal of Scourge.


  • Damage-related calculations added. Sorry but no attack skills.
  • Added Clan Guidance level 1 (thanks to Hostility).
  • Added Poleaxe (C Grade Blunt that was missing).
  • Finished Demonic Blade Dance and Psycho Symphony.
  • Fixed Shield P.Def. to not be affected by level or normal P.Def. buffs.
  • Fixed Angelic Icon with a Bow or Dagger.
  • Fixed M.Atk. for enchanted S Grade weapons.
  • Fixed human knights not getting Shield Fortress.
  • Fixed Shield aspects still functioning with a two-handed weapon.
  • Fixed Enchanted Blunt Mastery.


  • Servitor Calculator added. Please help test this to verify accuracy and notify me where it is wrong.
  • Weight Limit and Shield-related calculations added.
  • Grade Penalties now exist.
  • Updated values for a Destroyer with Rage/Frenzy/Zealot and various weapon types. (thanks to Degia, Kane1 and SteamTrain)
  • Various levels of Clan Passives added. (thanks to a whole lot of people)
  • Added Frintezza's Necklace (likewise)
  • From data gathered by
    • Added Dead Eye levels 2 and 5.
    • Added Snipe levels 5, 6, and 8.
    • Added Arcane Disruption.
    • Added Demonic Blade Dance effect 1.
    • Added Heroic Dread.
    • Added Heroic Grandeur.
    • Completed and readjusted Angelic Icon.
    • Completed Focus Attack.
    • Completed Sand Bomb.
  • Fixed hero buffs.
  • Fixed Evasion SA.
  • Fixed Cursed Dagger (Rsk. Haste).


  • Internet Explorer lag resolved. (thanks to loopback)
  • Added Tribunal effect 2 & 3. (thanks to Serinda Arnimane)
  • Fixed Swordsinger Sword/Blunt Mastery.


  • From data gathered by
    • Added Psycho Symphony effect 1.
    • Added Tribunal effect 1.
  • Internet Explorer lag reduced.
  • Fixed Buffs Quickselect (broken in 0.28)


  • From data gathered by
    • Added Snipe level 3.
    • Added Rapid Fire level 6.
  • Internet Explorer lag reduced.
  • +6 Armor Bonuses revised.
  • Fixed a MP bug relating to full body armors.
  • Fixed Swordsinger Heavy Armor Mastery.
  • Fixed Buffs Quickselect "Lvl 58 Prophet" giving the wrong level of Bless the Body.


  • From data gathered by
    • Added +6 Heavy and Light Armor Bonuses.
    • Added Sand Bomb effect 1 and 3.
    • Added Dead Eye 4 & 7.
    • Added Rapid Fire 2, 5, 7 & 8
    • Added Snipe 7.
    • Added Demonic Blade Dance Effect 2 and 5.
    • Added Focus Attack 2.
    • Added Zealot 3.
  • Added Seal of Strife.
  • Some Passive auto-select fixes.
  • Fixed Warcryer/Overlord not getting the correct Boost HP.
  • Fixed Zealot Atk. Spd. and Speed.


  • Tattoos revised.
  • Auto-select option added for Passive skills.
  • From data gathered by
    • Added Rapid Fire 1, 3 and 4.
    • Added Dead Eye 1 and 3.
    • Added Zealot 1.
    • Added Focus Attack 4.
    • Added Stealth 2.
    • Rage and Frenzy should now reflect c5 values when equipped with a 2hs. Still looking for data on other weapons.
    • Snipe levels 1 and 2 updated with C5 data. The other levels were removed since they are old and out of date.
    • Focus Attack 1 changed to add 3 Accuracy instead of 2.
  • Added Angelic Icon level 3.
  • Skills should now be fully restricted by class.
  • Fixed Major Arcana set (bug introduced in 0.25)
  • Fixed Walk mode. (also introduced in 0.25)
  • Fixed Queen of Cat buffs.
  • Fixed Demon set adding instead of subtracting from WIT.


  • The following updates came from data gathered by
    • Added Stealth level 3.
    • Added the various new Herb buffs.
    • Rage 1 & 2 and Frenzy 3 were readjusted when a Two-Handed weapon is equipped.
    • Added Zealot level 2.
    • Readjusted Herb of Strength and Magic to the new patch.
  • Fixed Dark Mystic class MEN.
  • Fixed Elemental Summoner tattoo restrictions and Armor Masteries.
  • Fixed Destroyer not getting Accuracy.
  • Fixed Infernal Master's P.Atk.
  • Doom Crusher's Anger SA readjusted.
  • Even more filesize reduction.


  • Added Stealth level 1. Still need info on levels 2 and 3.
  • Added level 2 of: Clan Vitality, Clan Aegis, Clan Magic Protection.
  • Herb of Strength and Herb of Magic no longer stack with Might and Empower, respectively.
  • Fixed Human Fighter and Swordsinger HP.
  • Fixed Sealed Phoenix Ring in slot 2 not adding any M.Def.
  • Fixed Bishop tattoo restrictions.
  • Fixed Knight's Sword/Blunt Mastery (bug introduced in 0.23)


  • Added Heroic Berserker, Heroic Miracle and Heroic Valor.
  • Added Greater Shield.
  • Added a function to toggle various form displays on/off since the calculator takes up so much space vertically.
  • Corrected Gladiator HP.
  • Corrected Clan Aegis lvl 1.
  • Focus Attack moved from Toggles to Buffs.
  • Corrected Dance of Mystic.
  • Fixed Yumi Bows not getting any P.Atk. from enchanting.
  • More code optimizations


  • Added Clan Might lvl 1.
  • Fixed Sorcerer not getting access to a few skills.
  • 14% total file size reduction.


  • Added Herb of Magic.
  • Added Quickselect for jewelry and buffs.
  • Fixed amount of P.Atk. added when a B or C Grade Polearm is enchanted.
  • Fixed shield Evasion penalty still applying when a two-handed weapon was equipped.
  • Fixed Silver Ranger not getting Accuracy.


  • Added a Quickselect for Armor sets.
  • Added Herb of Strength.
  • Fixed an Arcane Agility bug.
  • Fixed +MEN/-INT tattoos.
  • Fixed Monk not being able to access Totems.
  • More SA optimizations.
  • Buffs should be restricted by class correctly.
  • Fixed Non-Grade lower body armor not disabling when a full body armor was selected.


  • Fixed dagger/tyrant class light armor mastery not being toggleable.
  • Fixed Shillien Elder not having light armor mastery.
  • Listed the SAs obtained by A/S Grade Duals.
  • Largescale change in SAs which has no effect on anything statistically.


  • Added Clan Skills for HP, MP, P.Def. and M.Def.; I need data for the other clan passives.
  • Added Greater Might.
  • Rage of Paagrio & Berserker Spirit now nerf Evasion.


  • Fixed healers' tattoo restrictions.
  • Block debuffs now disable their applicable buffs.
  • Fixed P.Atk., M.Def. and CP which I was messing around with before last update and forgot to readjust.


  • Fixed D Grade weapons showing up when Hero weapons were selected.
  • Class-type Tattoo restrictions implemented.


  • Miscellaneous Javascript and HTML optimizations.
  • Fixed Ring slot 2.


  • Fixed Boss Rings not being able to stack Accuracy properly.
  • Fixed several tattoos that were incorrect.
  • Added C5 equipment.
  • Speed debuffs readjusted for C5.
  • Totems readjusted for C5.


  • Added Non-Grade armor and jewelry.
  • Fixed Draconic Leather Helmet not adding P.Def.
  • Fixed Berserker Spirit not adding any M.Atk.
  • Fixed M.Atk. being incorrect when buffs are applied.
  • Optimization: 3.9% filesize reduction.


  • Fixed Dark Crystal Robe not adding MP
  • Fixed C Grade Robes not working with Robe Mastery.
  • Added Non-Grade weapons & D Grade weapons and armor.
  • Added some missing B & C Grade Duals.
  • Rearranged C Grade Weapons and B Grade Duals to make it easier to see what weapon is what.
  • What SA a Dual gets is now visible.


  • Fixed a bug where having any unequipped armor resulted in enchants not working.
  • Fixed C Grade weapon enchants.
  • Completed C Grade items.
  • Added D Grade Jewelry.


  • Fixed Tateossian Ring and Sealed Tateossian Ring.
  • Completed C Grade weapons except for Duals BECAUSE I HATE DUALS OK.


  • Disabled enchants when enchanting is impossible.
  • MP are now implemented.


  • Fixed Silver Ranger having the wrong stats.
  • Finished HP and CP. Big thanks to Dargaard for making this much easier.


  • Added C Grade swords.
  • Added HP for Human Fighter classes.


  • Added Hero Grade weapons.
  • Add the 30/60% HP function.
  • L2Calc will now run in Internet Explorer, but it's still terribly slow.


  • Added B Grade weapons.
  • Fixed A Grade weapons not getting M.Atk. through enchanting.


  • Fixed Orc Mystic casting speeds with Heavy and Light armor.
  • B Grade armor and M.Def. added.
  • Toggles section layout readjusted.


  • Added A Grade Weapons.
  • Fixed Boost Attack Speed.
  • Fixed a Critical rounding error.


  • Added Polearm Accuracy.
  • Added A Grade M.Def., armor and set bonuses.
  • Anti-Magic now works correctly.


  • Calculator started. Data is c4, but there are of course plans to get it up to c5 when possible.
  • Currently only Human Fighter and Warrior HP/MP/CP are functional.
  • Currently only S Grade equipment available.